Steve Martin and Martin Short have 'colonoscopy parties' with Tom Hanks

Steve Martin and Martin Short during an appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Tuesday, June 19, 2018. (Supplied by WENN)

Steve Martin has a "colonoscopy party" with Martin Short and Tom Hanks each year.

The comedy star and his longtime friend Short made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Tuesday night to discuss their new Netflix special "Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life."

During the chat, Martin shared that he and his "Father of the Bride" co-star are such good buddies that they even attend colonoscopies together, along with actor Hanks as well as their pal Walter Parks.

"That is true. Because we thought, at a certain age you want to get a colonoscopy," the 72-year-old said, referring to the endoscopic examination of the large bowel as means of detecting a common cancer. "We thought it would be easier, it was all men, if we celebrated (together). And so, we all came over, played poker, watched a funny movie and drunk all this stuff."

Short, 68, went on to explain that the men head over to Martin's house the night before the colonoscopy appointment. However, they can't eat anything because the bowel needs to be completely empty prior to the test.

"We go to Steve's house around 5 p.m., we call it Colonoscopy Eve. It's catered, there's Jello. But there's not much you can eat because you have to purge all day, and then we toast," the star shared, adding jokingly: "But what's shocking, is that Steve, a wealthy man, who would think he would have one bathroom? I mean, by 10 p.m. it would look like day 14 of a Carnival cruise."

When it comes to the actual appointments, Short stated that they play a round of cards and whoever loses has to go last.

And while the colonoscopy isn't something he looks forward to, Martin encouraged other men to attend appointments together to make the idea a bit less daunting.

"It's fun, it's a great way to do something you should do," he smiled.