Shooting investigation underway after domestic dispute in Ripley County, Mo.

Shooting investigation underway after domestic dispute in Ripley County, Mo. (Source - KFVS).jpg
Shooting investigation underway after domestic dispute in Ripley County, Mo. (Source - KFVS).jpg

September 8, 2019 at 4:16 PM CDT

Updated September 9 at 4:42 AM

RIPLEY COUNTY, Mo. (Heartland News at 9) - The Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a shooting that happened at a store on Sunday, Sept. 8.

According to MSHP Sgt. Clark Parrott the shooting happened near Doniphan, Missouri.

Ripley County Sheriff Mike Barton told Heartland News that it all started from a domestic dispute between two Ripley County residents around 1 p.m. on Sunday.

The sheriff’s office received a call of a man that had just shot a woman outside of Patsy’s Convenience Store on Hwy. 160, just east of Doniphan.

The 33-year-old man then fled the scene.

An ambulance was called for the victim while the search continued for the man.

The woman victim sustained a bullet wound to the hand from a small caliber handgun.

The bullet went through her hand and grazed her chest area. She was transported by Ripley Co. ambulance to an area hospital.

The woman was then flown to another hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Involved in the search for the man were the Ripley County Sheriff’s Department, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and a Missouri State Conservation Agent.

Authorities knew who the suspect was at this time.

A short time later, a state trooper saw the suspect on a highway northwest of the shooting in Ripley County.

A pursuit began and the suspect failed to stop. He drove into Carter County and then back into Ripley County.

The suspect then drove his vehicle through a fence and went into a wooded area with the vehicle.

That is where he tried to cross a creek while inside the vehicle. The suspect then backed up from the creek and rammed into a Ripley County patrol car.

The vehicle was only able to go for a short distance forward before the vehicle couldn’t go any further. The suspect then ran into a pond where law enforcement took him into custody. The pond was about chest deep.

The suspect was transported to an area hospital to be checked out medically due to the crash into the deputy’s vehicle.

The suspect was discharged Sunday night and taken to the Wayne County Jail for holding.

Formal charges and more information on the suspect are expected to be released on Monday, Sept. 9.

Two deputies were checked out at an area hospital. One injury was due to the deputy’s car air bag deploying when it was rammed. The deputy sprained his left wrist.

A second deputy received minor injuries from the foot pursuit.

Both were released from the hospital.

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