Judge advises Tim Nolan, who is representing himself, that he "has a fool for a client"

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Judge advises Tim Nolan, who is representing himself, that he "has a fool for a client" (WKRC)

NEWPORT, Ky. (WKRC) – Tim Nolan, the former Campbell County judge and school board member whose sex case just won't go away was back taking his licks in court on Wednesday afternoon.

Nolan pleaded guilty in February to human trafficking and unlawful transaction with a minor, but at his sentencing last week, Nolan turned the case on its head, fired his lawyers and wanted out of that plea.

Now, the case is far from over.

Most criminal defendants show up in court and shut up, but not former judge Tim Nolan. He's facing 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to 21 sex charges.

But even though he's in stripes, he's still a lawyer and still practicing.

“Is it possible I could get the handcuffs off? I have shackles on,” said Nolan.

Tim Nolan acted as his own attorney on Wednesday for a forfeiture hearing on his assets.

Judge Kathleen Lape, who was noticeably irked by Tim Nolan, advised him that he has a fool for a client.

That may be, but after a five-minute conference with prosecutors, Tim Nolan worked out a deal without a hearing. His assets will be unfrozen, put up for auction and he will present the court with two payments adding up to the $110,000 laid out in his plea agreement. He wasn't done.

“There's a difference of opinion on one small item connected to the proposal for alternative sentence,” said Nolan.

The judge will have Nolan and prosecutors submit arguments for alternate sentences that could include probation. That will all be dealt with at the next hearing.

Tim Nolan will be back in court on May 4th. They are hoping all the remaining issues can be resolved that day. He might actually get sentenced. Judge Lape made it clear that she does not want any more surprises.

“I'm not continuing this anymore. The curtains must fall at some point. Am I perfectly clear, Mr. Nolan? If you decide to hire another attorney they have to be ready to go. There will be no other excuses,” said Judge Lape.