Uber driver accidentally drives down a flight of stairs


WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- An Uber driver who believed they were driving onto a road actually drove down a flight of stairs in San Fransisco on Monday.

The driver was dropping two passengers off who were using Uber Pool, a functionality which allows multiple passengers to carpool together with the same Uber driver for a cheaper price.

In order to remove the vehicle from the stairs, the car had to be towed away. The driver was on their way to pick up a third passenger when the accident occurred.

Uber has confirmed that the driver was using their app and told the San Fransisco Examiner that they are looking into the case. Business Insider is reporting the driver was using the app's navigation system to get to the next destination.

Luckily, there were no injuries reported.

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, a reporter for The Examiner, says this is not the first time a vehicle has been stuck on the same flight of stairs. The reporter shared a photo of a taxi cab driver whose car was stuck there on a different day.